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Nail trimming isn’t difficult. That is to say that nail trimming isn’t difficult if your dog doesn’t mind it, and it will sit still, and you have a good set of trimmers. For many pet owners, nail trimming is a job that they would rather leave up to someone else!

At Dog Gone Gorgeous of Monticello, MN we know how to trim nails with the least amount of stress to your dog as possible. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring our professionals to trim your dog’s nails:

• Less Stress—When you let us trim your dog’s nails, there is less stress for both you and your pet. If you are anxious about cutting your dog’s nails, your dog becomes anxious, too. We are professionals, and trimming dog nails never stresses us out!

• Closer Cut—It’s not unusual for dog owners to not cut their pet’s nails short enough. Many dog owners are concerned about hitting the quick, and they only cut the very ends of the nail. We know where the quicks are, and we can cut your dog’s nails as short as possible without causing injury.

• Comfort—We know how to keep your dog comfortable when it is getting its nails trimmed. If necessary, more than one of our team will work with your dog to ensure a comfortable, pleasant experience.

Nail trimming is not something that many dog owners enjoy. Very few dogs are happy to remain perfectly still throughout the process. Don’t stress out about your dog’s nails!

Call Dog Gone Gorgeous of Monticello, MN today to book a nail trimming appointment for your dog!

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