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Did you know that your dog needs to have teeth brushing performed just like you do? Dogs don’t brush on their own, so let the experts at Dog Gone Gorgeous of Monticello, MN do it for them!

When you hire our professionals to perform a teeth brushing service on your dog, you can rest assured that we will get in all of the places that you haven’t been able to reach on your own!

We use:

• Pet-Safe Toothpaste—Human toothpaste is not safe for dogs. In fact, it’s toxic. We only use pet-safe toothpaste in our shop. We typically have a variety of flavors in stock and are happy to use your dog’s favorite; just let us know what it is!

• Small Tooth Brushes—Human toothbrushes aren’t designed for a dog’s smaller mouth. We use pet toothbrushes so that we can do a better job cleaning your dog’s teeth.

• Finger Brushes—In some instances, it works better to use a finger toothbrush for our clients. These brushes are disposable and safe.

• Gentle Technique—Our goal is never to stress your dog out. If your pooch is adverse to the teeth brushing process, we’ll be sure to let you know! We are extremely gentle when we brush teeth, but that doesn’t mean all dogs will put up with it!

While we are always happy to perform our teeth brushing service for your pet, we are just as happy to provide a lesson so that you can complete the process at home. Whether you want to book an appointment to have your dog’s teeth brushed, or you are looking for some pointers on how to do it yourself, be sure to give us a call.

Our available appointments fill up quickly! If your dog needs to have its teeth brushed, give us a call today so that we can book the appointment time that is most convenient for you. Call Dog Gone Gorgeous of Monticello, MN now!

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